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Hair Tutorial for Bridesmaids this Wedding Season

Has your little girl been asked to be a bridesmaid?

Little Miss Hair Helper has had the privilege of being a flower girl/bridesmaid when she was just 14months old.

Little Miss Hair Helper, a diddy bridesmaid with a simple bob hairstyle

With it being summer in the northern hemisphere, many weddings start to take place taking advantage of the warmer, slightly more pleasant weather.  I love looking at the pictures that start to appear in the media and social media of all the flowers, dresses, decor, venues etc.

When Mr Hair Helper and I had our wedding, we had two flower girls, I think they were both 4 years old at the time.  We had a small and intimate outdoor wedding, and one of my wishes was that the two little girls that we had asked, would still feel comfortable and like little girls – no lace, scratchy netting or big hair do’s.   As far as their hair went, they simply wore a sparkly silver hair band and their hair untied.


These sweet bridesmaids are now all grown up!

I would probably do things a little bit differently if Little Miss Hair helper ever has this honour again, but I would still want her to be little…no bouffant hair if you get what I mean?  Of course, it also goes without saying that a conversation needs to be had with the bride to hear what she envisions for her big day.

We’ve had a play with some hair styles, that can be done by Mum (or Dad), and can be accessorised appropriately for the big day.  I found most of the Hair Accessories that are in Little Miss Hair Helpers hair in these images at Primark, and stuck to soft pinks and whites.

The first style is a bit of a cheat hair style, based on a French braid.  If you follow us on social media you may know that when it comes to the French braid, I am defeated (for now!).  For this hair-do simply gather each layer, and tie with the hair band (these bands already had little flowers on them).  You gather the strands, like you would for any braid – two side pieces and a middle strand.  From the front, it looks like a braid, and from the back you have the cascade of flowers.


Side and back view of floral braid

Our second hair style is REALLY sweet and simple – just the way we like hair-styling over here at the Hair Helper Headquarters.  It’s a simple side swept ponytail.  I tied it close to the nape of the neck, and then a quick little flip, and another floral hair band and you’re done.

IMG_0061 (1)

Side and back view of flipped side ponytail

A variation of the above, is to divide the hair into two sections.  Once you’ve gathered and tied the top section of hair, flip it through.  I used a plain hairband first, then tied the flower band over that.  Gather all the hair just above the nape of the neck and then flip the hair from top to bottom.  Again, I tied the hair with a plain band first, then carefully tied in the flower band making sure that I covered the bottom band.


Back, side and top of Double flip

Of course, the last one we will suggest is the classic ballet bun.  This can be done nice and high on the head, either centered or to one side.   A relatively new product, that has changed the way buns are done for the better, are the hair doughnuts.  You can buy them to match the colour of your child’s hair.  It slips over the ponytail, and then you drape and then tie the hair over the doughnut to create the perfect, slick bun.  There will be some strands that need to be wrapped around the base of the bun, and pinned in place.  To finish I slipped a simple floral hairband over the top.


Classic ballet bun to suit young and older bridesmaids

Many brides are keeping it simple these days, even with the whole bridal party.  Natural, slightly toussled hair, or simple/classic styles, and flowers are on trend.   Another simple accessory, that will need no fuss, are flower crowns which can be bought from any accessories retailer or online, like the one below.  Whatever the hair style, we wish all the blushing brides and grooms a very special wedding day…and that their flower girls enjoy the day too!





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  1. I wish I managed to get my hair like that last photo, never mind a bridesmaid! It’s easy to have lovely hair when you’re a kid because someone else regularly does it for you 😉

  2. I love the floral braid and the bun! DD1 loves bun and it would be her first choice too! Unfortunately, My kids still didn’t get the opportunity to be bridesmaids but there are other festive occasions that I could adopt these hair styles!

  3. Beautiful hairstyles. I love the floral braid. In fact, I’m going to try it for school without the flowers. And I will definitely use them when we head out next time.

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