Tangle Teezer Hack

“But it won’t hold the Tangle Teezer”…until now

When chatting to Mums about The Hair Helper, they are often optimistic about it.  However, I very  quickly get the response that the hair brush hook on the frame doesn’t accommodate the Tangle Teezer hair brush.

When we designed our product, this was something that we were aware of.  We had to design for what the majority of hair brushes are like.  Our designer literally stood in a store measuring handles!

So, while we aren’t in the position to get designing on a variant to the Hair Helper just yet, we have managed to come up with a little hack to hopefully include the little girls who use the Tangle Teezer brush.  Now they too can find their hair accessories and their brush with ease each morning!

thehairhelper-favicon Step 1 – Grab your Tangle Teezer and a thin hairband (we chose one to match)


thehairhelper-faviconStep 2 – Separate the base and top of the Tangle Teezer


thehairhelper-favicon Step 3 – Pop the hairband over a few of the little grips inside the base of the Tangle Teezer


thehairhelper-faviconStep 4 – Put the Tangle Teezer back together, and the hairband will now act as a hanger for the hairbrush hook


We hope we’ve managed to convince you!  Why not get those hair accessories organised and hop on over to our shop?

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