Inspiration for the Hair Helper

4 Tips for healthy hair in children

Regular trims Even if your child only has a little hair or very thin hair, regular trims promote healthy hair growth.  In some cultures, they even shave their babies heads completely so that their hair will grow back thicker and stronger. For children with more or thicker hair, cutting off the dry and split hairs […]

Review – Daddy Do My Hair

There’s more to a Girl’s Hair We came across these beautiful books and their author Tola Okogwu over on Instagram.  Of course the books appealed straight away as they’re all about little girls hair. The second, and probably most important reason to have bought these books, is that personally we want both Little Miss Hair […]

Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Tackling the Tangles

Little Miss Hair Helper was born with a mop of hair.  Of course as a newborn, we used one of those lovely soft bristled brushes that come in the baby grooming sets that you buy.  As her hair grew and grew, seemingly quicker than she did, the need for something better, quickly became necessary.  While […]

No more nasties! Why chemical free shampoo is the way to go.

A few years ago Mr Hair Helper and I were looking at our eating habits, and what we were putting into our bodies.   We’ve made some considerable changes to our diet cutting back on as many processed foods and high sugar foods as possible, and trying to increase our vegetable intake. I really wanted […]