Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Tackling the Tangles

I purchased myself a Denman brush a few years back now, and it is still going strong!  By now you know that Little Miss Hair Helper was born with a mop of hair herself.  Of course as a newborn, we used one of those lovely soft bristled brushes that come in the baby grooming sets that you buy.  As her hair grew and grew, seemingly quicker than she did, the need for something better, quickly became necessary.  While she was tiny, and relatively immobile, we just progressed to a gimmicky sparkly princess hair brush.  It was fine to begin with, but as so often happens, the little plastic bits at the end started to come off, and therefore made the bristles quite harsh.

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Mrs Hair Helper’s trusty Denman brush

I knew that in my search for the right brush, it had to be gentle on her head and her hair.  I had seen many other leading brands that claim to tackle the tangles and knots, but they just didn’t quite seem suitable for a tot.  I also simply preferred the good old fashioned style hair brush with a handle.  I was delighted to come across, our current brush, The Tangle Tamer by Denman.  I knew immediately that the brand was reliable as I’m still very happy with my own.  I was also drawn to the bright pink!

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The Tangle Tamer fits perfectly into The Hair Helper

The Denman Tangle Tamer uses super-soft nylon bristles that gently glide through the hair, removing knots and tangles with ease.  It also has an air-cushioned pad which allows the brush to follow the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming.  They also have a lovely range of child friendly designs to keep them fun!  Why not try one for your little one?

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