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Sweet and Simple Valentines hair tutorial

A Heart for your Sweetheart…in her hair

It’s February, the month of LOVE!  While we are not the biggest supporters of the occasion with cheesy gifts, it is a good excuse to have some fun with the children.

As Little Miss Hair Helper has gotten slightly older, I’ve started to experiment with different hair styles for different occasions.  It makes a nice break from her usual go to hairstyles.  While we do like to play, she is still little, so the hair styles have to be quick and easy but effective.  This little hair tutorial is just that!  It could be a sweet little hair-do for Valentines day – which happens to be on a Sunday, so you have a little more time to do hair, but could also be lovely for a family function like a wedding.

You will need:

thehairhelper-favicontwo hair elastics



thehairhelper-faviconbobby pins



Step by Step guide:

Step 1 – Brush through the hair and tie back the upper portion of hair.

Step 2 – Using your index finger, make a hole in the hair just above the hairband

Step 3 – Flip the tied up hair through the hole, from the bottom up.  The hair will almost cascade over the rest of the hair.

Step 4 – Split the hair into two parts, then plait each side.

Step 5 – Tie the two plaits together at the ends.

Step 6 – Using bobby pins, pin each side of the “heart” on the under-side of each plait.  This will help keep the heart shape in place.

Watch how we’ve done it here:



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