Surviving Summer

How will we do this?

This is the first summer that I will be working with two children in tow.  It’s also the last summer before Little Miss Hair Helper starts school.  The Hair Helper Grandparents are also set to visit us from South Africa.   I’m freaking out as to how I’m going to balance this all!

On the one hand, it is convenient that the Grandparents will be visiting (anyone hearing free childcare?), on the other hand, I’d like to visit with them and chat and sightsee, and have fun too.  We are also hoping to squeeze in one last late summer family holiday as Little Miss Hair Helper has a slightly later start date for school.

I’m determined that business needs to still happen – the marketing side simply cannot stop, as we don’t want to lose momentum…so I’m already trying to think of creative ways, or trade-offs for time that I need to spend doing this.  I’m equally determined to enjoy the time with family too.   I’m questioning myself as to whether or not being determined to do both these is even possible.

I’ve also emailed the Grandparents ahead of their visit to ask for help, and specified small ways in which they can help me.  I’ve done this because I’m rubbish at asking for help, and if I don’t I will try and be and do everything myself which will only add pressure and make me unpleasant to be around.  I’m trying to embrace the A-type, perfectionist, idealist with healthy boundaries and habits.

At the end of the day, we are going to do what we can.  I do need to remind myself of the reasons that we started with this business.  The most important is that it would fit around our family…NOT the other way around.

What are your plans for the summer?  How are you planning to achieve the work/life/family balance?




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