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Spark Joy by organising Hair Accessories

Marie Kondo, author of *“The Life-Changing Magic of tidying up” has proven popular on Netflix over the last few months.  Whether it’s inspired you to get decluttering your whole home or simply sort out that pile of paperwork, we’ve certainly realised that our product The Hair Helper fits right in with her tidying principles.

Her main areas of focus in the home are:




Miscellaneous items

Sentimental items

While hair accessories don’t necessarily fit straight into one of her categories.  You could determine when and how you approach decluttering and organising them.  This is because the Hair Helper is versatile in where you keep it, and fits in with your existing routine of where you would brush and style your little girls’ hair; be it the bathroom or their bedroom.

Little Girls Love Hair Accessoires and their special place to put them!

Store EVERYTHING in one place!


Marie Kondo’s extremely methodical approach to decluttering, comes from the belief that EVERYTHING has its own place.  By having a single place to store hair accessories, in an easy to reach accessible place – your child can not only take ownership of their beautiful hair accessories, but everyone can clearly see what accessories are available or what will match today’s outfit.

The Hair Helper comes with three ribbons for storing clips, grips and bows, we place ours together in pairs.  It is a good idea to perhaps use one of the ribbons for school, one for social and one for bows.  The bottom of the frame has two arms which hold bobbles and head bands.   Lastly, the side of the frame has a little hook, perfect for holding the hair brush together with the accessories.

Feel the JOY of decluttering your child’s hair accessories today!  Choose your Hair Helper to suit your home here




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  1. I’ve seen these. They’re such a great idea for keep hair things organised. I’ve bought an acorn shaped tub now that all ours hide in. I was so fed up of hunting around every morning!

  2. Marie Kondo’s tips are impressive, I am still decluttering to remove anything that does make me happy. Love this simple way of organising hair.

  3. I watched the series and loved it, it totally inspired me to sort out our wardrobes. When I was a kid I had all of my hair accessories in a hanging basket in my room. I love this idea!

  4. Ohh I really love this idea even though I have short hair and don’t really use any hair accessories I am all about the organisation and how that can improve your life and make things easier and less stressful

    Laura x

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