Say Vamousse to Nits and Lice

We got the dreaded letter home (again!)

Within a few days of starting school, the dreaded letter came home to all the children in class asking parents to check their children’s hair for lice and nits, as a case had been spotted.  Fair enough. Except that Little Miss Hair Helper had been deemed the potential carrier! Eek!

To quickly clarify, she didn’t have any of the critters, what was spotted was some black dirt – I’m not upset with the teachers.  I would rather be safe than sorry.

As these things tend to go, it was the worst possible day to get this sort of letter.  I had little time on my hands for that afternoon, to sit and comb and carefully inspect Little Miss Hair Helper’s head.

Fortunately, there is a pharmacy right around the corner from the school so we quickly nipped in for some supplies.  Some of those lotions and potions need to be left on the hair for HOURS.  And hours I did not have.  I found one product, Vamousse, which is a 15 minute treatment that you apply directly to the dry hair and scalp.  I also picked up a nit comb.  To my surprise when we got home, there was already a nit comb inside.  Needless to say we didn’t use the new one, so that I could return it.  This was a bit of a money saver, as both treatments and combs for these things are not kind to the purse.

The mousse sprays out with ease and goes into the hair without mess or too much fuss.  You do need to make sure that all the hair, particularly near the scalp have been covered.  Little Miss Hair Helper immediately commented on the smell, saying that she liked it.  Huge relief as putting Tea Tree oil in her hair is cause for complaint.  Seeing as though one child potentially was carrying the critters I decided to treat Master Hair Helper too.

15 minutes later, I took the comb to Little Miss Hair Helper’s head, fortunately she was all clear.  And then repeated the combing through Master Hair Helper’s hair, again all clear – PHEW!


Vamousse and free nit comb

I was even more chuffed that there was surplus, so it is now in the cupboard should we need it.

Vamousse claims to kill the nits (the eggs) and the lice (the critters) with 100% effectiveness.  This will be our treatment of choice should we need to treat again, as it wasn’t too time consuming, and the ease with which I could apply the treatment to my children’s heads.

What is your treatment of choice when it comes to these things?  Why not tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


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