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Reasons you should tie their hair up

Does your child have to keep their hair tied up for nursery or school?  I know that our school doesn’t actually enforce hair being tied up, but there is research to show that there are several good reasons to tie their up or at least off their face.


Between the ages of a year to seven, is crucial for children’s eye development.  There is a school of thought, that if the hair is blocking one eye or falling partially over both eyes, that it can block out both daylight and sensory stimulation.  A lack of either, can inhibit the development of the eyes.  It’s important to find ways to clip or tie hair away from the face for this reason.


Hair chewing habits can be prevented if the hair is tied away from the face.  Take a look at our post on potentially harmful hair habits.

Nits and  Head-Lice

Once your child starts nursery and/or school, you’ll likely notice a frequent letter passing through your hands.  It’ll likely state that a case of Nits/Lice has been detected in your child’s class.  There are many ways in which to tackle those little critters.  One of the best ways, is prevention.  Having the hair tied back, particularly in a bun or plait is one of the most effective ways of keeping the nits and lice at bay.  With the hair tied back, it makes it more difficult for the lice to grab hold of the hair.  Read here on some fascinating facts about lice.


You can have fun with lots of simple hairstyles that keep

the hair off of the face



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  1. Oh at the first opportunity I encouraged my daughter to like short hair! I’ve always had short hair and didn’t have a clue about plaits etc … so my daughter also has short hair – and loves it (phew!)

  2. I’ve always kept Miss 7’s hair in protective styles and tied back because of a massive headlice epidemic in her school that has lasted well over a year! Luckily, we haven’t had to deal with it ourselves but I’m not taking any chances!

  3. What cute hairstyles!

    I’d never thought about the vision thing before but it makes sense.

    I always put my step daughters hair up but they are constantly taking it out and playing with it, I just hope they don’t do it at school!

  4. My girls all have long hair, one of them doesn’t really like having it tied up but she has to for school. Plus it stops it get too tangled when they are asleep to plait it.

  5. Id never thought of these reasons- my school had a strict hair policy. I got my hair cut into a bob at 8 and it’s been short ever since- I’m 50+

  6. My daughter’s hair is so long. She’s recently had her first cut I know my bad, but getting her haircut was something that really scared her. She was scared she wouldn’t be Rapunzel any more of all things. Thankfully she gets it cut now but when it comes to hairstyle it’s always up.

  7. Definitely agree about tying hair up to reduce the chance of getting nits. My daughter always used to wear hers down when she first started school. After I started tying it up she never had them again x

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