Quick and Easy Minnie Mouse hair tutorial for girls

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Minnie Mouse Hair Tutorial

In January, it was Little Miss Hair Helper’s 4th birthday.  We decided to throw her a Minnie Mouse birthday party to celebrate with a few of her little friends.  She wore a cute Minnie Mouse dress which she was given at Christmas, and of course, I set about investigating if we could find a Minnie Mouse hairstyle to complete her “look” for the party.

To my surprise, I discovered that turning Little Miss Hair Helper’s hair into Minnie Mouse ears was easy peasy, so we thought that we would share with you a simple step by step guide to achieving the same look.

To begin with you will need:

thehairhelper-favicontwo hair elastics


thehairhelper-faviconbobby pins


thehairhelper-faviconbow on a crocodile clip


Step by Step guide

Step 1 – Part your little girls’ hair into a middle parting, then tie into two equal pony tails.

Step 2 – Doing one side at a time, tease the first side slightly.  Teasing the hair will help the hair to stay in place, especially if your child has fine hair.

Step 3 – Use the hair tie that is already in place to loop around one more time.  This time only pull through about half the length of hair (or to the size of the ear shape you wish to achieve).

Step 4 – Thread the remaining length of hair in through the bun shape.

Step 5 – Fan out the bun into an arch, and using bobby pins, pin in place.  Repeat and do the same on the other side.

Step 6 – For a finishing Minnie Mouse touch, place the bow crocodile clip, in front of one of the ears, and you’re done.

Why not watch our Minnie Mouse hair tutorial here to see how it’s done?

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