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Keeping Hair Accessories in girls hair

Little ones love to pull their clips and bobbles out

If we could come up with a way to keep the clips, bands, bobbles IN the hair once you’ve placed them in your little girls hair, I’m pretty sure that we would be millionaires overnight.  While our Hair Helper is able to organise and store all the hair accessories beautifully, once they are in the hair…well that is another story.

Many children, mostly toddlers, like to pull out clips and bobbles.  This is a phase, and it does pass *eventually*.  You will notice that once they have pulled them out they will look at it.  They want to see what it is that has been placed among their locks or tresses.  We’ve come up with a few tips to help encourage your little ones to keep those clips and bobbles where you put them.

thehairhelper-favicon Allow them to choose the accessories

Toddlers like some control over their environment.  By allowing them the choice of what to put in their hair gives them some ownership.  Having them all neatly displayed, and with easy access can help when making the choices.  You can buy one like this here

The white Hair Helper storing hairclips, grips, brush, bands and bobbles

 Display the hair accessories, at a height that can be easily accessible

thehairhelper-favicon Do the hair in front of the mirror

By allowing them to see what you are doing, and talking them through what you are doing, helps them be involved in the process.  Imagine going to the hair dresser and not being able to see what/how much they are cutting?


Even a little hand mirror will do!

thehairhelper-favicon Ask people to make a fuss for positive re-inforcement

If you’re going to be going to family or friends, while you’re out and about, ask them to make a fuss – you can either text ahead, or give them a prompt when you see them like “doesn’t Mary look lovely with her hair all done up?”.  All children love positive praise and generally respond well.

thehairhelper-faviconBe persistent

Make doing their hair a regular thing.  This can be tricky in the early days, when it’s whispy, or they may not have much hair.  If they take the clip out, pop it back in and re-inforce why it’s there “this pretty clip will help keep the hair out of your eyes”.

Most of all, have fun playing and doing your little one’s hair!  It won’t be long before they want to do it themselves.

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  1. Love the hair accessory holder! My daughter has hers everywhere (like 3 different spots) so I am loving this as a way to show them off – will have to be purple! I’m not sure if it will help to keep the clips in but at least it’s better organised!

    • Those hair accessories do tend to breed don’t they? We found by letting our daughter choose the accessories, they stayed in longer. As she’s gotten older it’s less of a problem. We do have lovely purple ribbons in our range…now you know where we are:)

  2. Great tips and that hair accessory tidy is so sweet! I’m useless at doing hair – it mainly falls to my husband to attempt!

  3. I love the idea for displaying the hair accessories, we seem to have a house that has hair bobbles everywhere until you actually need one.

  4. I’m so glad we have grandsons ☺️ I remember when our daughter was little and her hair was very long and straight and I could never keep any clips in hers even though she was quite good and didn’t try to pull them out they just slipped out ☺️

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