The Story of the Hair Helper

I had to apologise

She teaches me…

I’ve deliberated on whether to share this or not…the internet can be cruel.  But I know that by sharing, this could help another Mum maybe not feel so guilty, or just have someone else say “yeah, me too”.

On Monday, I got the balance wrong.  I mean really wrong.

Little Miss Hair Helper came up to my office, and wanted my attention.  I shrugged her off.  She proceeded to tap me, then the tap turned into more of a smack.  Well, she got my attention!  And without even stepping back for a second, I marched her off to time-out.

After a few minutes, I went to get her out.  She apologised tearfully straight away for hitting me.  I asked her what it was that made her hit me…well, her response went like an arrow to my heart.  As I looked into her tear stained face, this was our brief dialogue:

Me: “Why did you hit me?  You know that’s not how we get attention.”

Little Miss:  “I know, but you didn’t look at me when I called you.”

Me: “But I asked you to wait.” (more like grunted!)

Little Miss: “All I wanted to ask was for you to give me a snuggle.”

I had to catch myself, as I was about to launch into a further lecture, I’m talking mouth open at the ready to fire type of ready; I had to apologise.  All she wanted was my attention, and in a split second I decided that whatever I was doing on the computer was more important than listening to her.  And it isn’t.   Even if I need to meet a deadline, prepare an order, write a blog post, it is NEVER more important than her.

Some days, she teaches me.


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