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A girl’s hair is her crowning glory.  At The Hair Helper we believe that every little girl should feel this way about the head of hair she is adorned with.  Of course, only having one hair type in our home, makes it tricky to talk about various tips and tricks for looking after all the different types of hair that you will find.  So, we’ve enlisted the help of some lovely ladies, who we’ve met through social media.
Tell us about yourself

My name is Victoria and I’m a full time UK lifestyle blogger at which I started in Spring 2013.  I also run a second blog which focuses on my favourite passion – all things relating to healthy living. I’m a busy mum of a boy, Reuben age 3 and a girl, Bella age 5.  Life is very busy, but I don’t like to stay still so this suits me!

How old is your daughter?

My daughter Bella is 5 years old, but soon to be 6 at the beginning of June.

How would you describe your daughter’s hair? 

It’s the absolute opposite of mine!  Bella has blonde curly hair which is just below shoulder length at the very back, not through lack of trying to grow it, but this is the most it’s grown in almost 6 years!  When washed it turns to ringlets, but when brushed or slept on then it’s a wild crazy mess!  It looks quite dry when brushed, but much smoother when in curls.  It’s very fine and thin, but the crazy volume hides this!  We call it marshmallow hair!

What products do you use, and find work on your daughter’s hair?

As she’s so young we haven’t experimented with many hair products.  I currently use natural shampoos and this is the only hair care product for now.

How often do you wash your daughter’s hair?

We wash around 2-3 times per week.  It rarely even looks like it needs washing that much, but being young it can get covered in glitter, sand or similar, depending what and who she’s been playing with!

How often do you cut your daughter’s hair?

Never!  Many of her friends have had their hair cut several times and even have waist length styles, but Bella’s just doesn’t grow.  I wonder if it just gets to a certain length and comes out.  I snipped the very back twice as her hair was growing in a pointy triangle and she had a random tail bit in the middle, but the amount I cut off was miniscule.  It just doesn’t seem to get any longer.

What hairstyles do you find work best in your daughter’s hair?

It’s best left alone wet to turn to ringlets, this is when it is most beautiful.  But in the morning before school with the bedhead look we have to brush it and let it go volumised and wild. When she’s a bit older we’ll do showers in the morning and let her ringlets shine.  She looks cute with a ponytail or bun, but there’s so little hair!  She always wants plaits, but they are dinky.  Her aunt can do a great French braid which looks brilliant in Bella’s hair.

Any hints or tips for people with the same hair type?

 If you can, wash and go – it really is the best way to get all the natural curls and avoid brushing if possible!

Brush when wet, then leave to curl.


Thanks so much for sharing Victoria!  You can follow Victoria on Instagram @lyliarose

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  1. our daughters hair is like mine when I was a kid. I was bald for about 18 months, then tight blond curls for years, it was only when I got to about 8 it started to straighten out and grow. Its beautiful though. Mich x

  2. My daughter has long straight hair so apart from de tangling and getting knots out her hair is quite easy to take care of. It is really interesting to see how to look after different hair types. Also think it is important to help them learn to look after their hair from a younger age. xx

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