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A girl’s hair is her crowning glory.  At The Hair Helper we believe that every little girl should feel this way about the head of hair she is adorned with.  Of course, only having one hair type in our home, makes it tricky to talk about various tips and tricks for looking after all the different types of hair that you will find.  So, we’ve enlisted the help of some lovely ladies, who we’ve met through social media.

Mum of two little ladies, Lottie from The Haymans blog, has kindly shared about how she cares for her eldest daughter’s hair.

Tell us about yourself:
I’m Lottie, Mum to two daughters Marnie and Polly. We live in Hampshire. I’m currently on maternity leave and enjoying spending lots of time with my girls. Marnie absolutely loves to have her hair styled!
How old are your daughters?
Marnie is two and Polly is 3 months
How would you describe your daughter’s hair?
Marnie has shoulder length mid-brown hair. It is thick and has the most beautiful curls at the end. Polly’s hair is quite different, she was born with a lot of hair whereas Marnie wasn’t. Hers is thick, dark brown and seems to be very straight.
What products do you use, and find work on your daughter’s hair?
Marnie has a very dry scalp so I tend to use Dentinox cradle cap shampoo on her. Due to her dry scalp I don’t tend to use much else. I use a Tangleteezer to brush it.
How often do you wash your daughter’s hair?
I wash Marnie’s hair every time she has a bath which is every other day. She used to hate having her hair washed but I use a Munchkin jug to help now and she loves it. I always let her play with it afterwards.
How often do you cut your daughter’s hair?
Marnie has never had a haircut! I’m too scared the lovely curls won’t come back!
What hairstyles do you find work best in your daughter’s hair?
I always have to clip the front section of Marnie’s hair back otherwise it gets in her face. I tend to do this in a topknot slightly to one side and leave the rest down. I also like to put her hair in two high bunches or buns.
Hints or tips for people with the same hair type?
Marnie loves to have her hair styled like her favourite Disney princesses, I do ‘Elsa’ and ‘Anna’ plaits for her, she has a hair band for ‘Snow White’, a topknot bun for ‘Belle’ and a blue or pink bow for ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’.
You can catch up with Lottie on Instagram 
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  1. This is such a lovely post! When I was younger I forced my mum to brush my hair 100 times at night because I wanted hair like Rapunzel, and I was always so disappointed when I woke up in the morning and my hair wasn’t suddenly 3 feet longer haha!

  2. My daughters hair is so thin, constantly trying to get her to sit still so I can atleast attempt a dutch braid! So far failing haha

  3. I need to start learning some easy and quick hairstyles for my daughter. After having a boy first I never had to think about it. Now I see little girls with gorgeous plaits and all sorts and wonder how I will manage it!

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