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A girl’s hair is her crowning glory.  At The Hair Helper we believe that every little girl should feel this way about the head of hair she is adorned with.  Of course, only having one hair type in our home, makes it tricky to talk about various tips and tricks for looking after all the different types of hair that you will find.  So, we’ve enlisted the help of some lovely ladies, who we’ve met through social media.

In this post Muslim Mummy, Fozia shares how she cares for her little girl Bee’s lovely locks.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Fozia and I blog at Muslim Mummy and also run a Muslimah Bloggers community. I studied law and worked With Citizens advice bureau but I am currently a stay at home mum. I am currently spending my time blogging and being a parent Governor at Bee’s school.

How old is your daughter?
Bee is 5 and will be 6 in September.
How would you describe your daughter’s hair?

My daughters hair is long. If I hadn’t cut it it would probably be past her bum by now. It is quite thin and when short it is quite wavy.

What products do you use, and find work on your daughter’s hair?
I actually try to limit what products I use on her hair.  I believe too many products can also be damaging. My mum swears by Johnsons Baby Oil and that is what she used to put on our hair. She recommends putting it on at least once a week for a while and then wash it out. However I can be a bit lazy and don’t always do it. If her hair does frizz over I am a fan of the Body Shop Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil which is a hair and body oil. Just a small amount will tame the frizz.
How often do you wash your daughter’s hair?

I believe too much washing can also damage the hair. In winter I do not wash it more than twice a week. If it doesn’t look like it needs a wash or doesn’t smell then I will just do it once a week. In summer we will wash it more due to heat and sweat. 

How often do you cut your daughter’s hair?

Not often. I was arranging regular cuts as she had a lot of baby hair and we cut it to try to strengthen it. Now we go for a cut in September before school term begins if needed.  

What hairstyles do you find work best in your daughter’s hair?
I am not particularly adventurous when it comes to hairstyles…we usually just stick to a pony tail….maybe two. 
Hints or Tips for people with the same hair type?
I do believe less is more….too many products on the hair can be damaging so my advice is not to go overboard with the little ones hair.
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  1. I completely agree with the overwashing thing. My children only wash their hair once a week. We only use natural shampoos too.

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