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A girl’s hair is her crowning glory.  At The Hair Helper we believe that every little girl should feel this way about the head of hair she is adorned with.  Of course, only having one hair type in our home, makes it tricky to talk about various tips and tricks for looking after all the different types of hair that you will find.  So, we’ve enlisted the help of some lovely ladies, who we’ve met through social media.
Tell us about yourself
I am Natasha, a 31 year old single mum of two girls aged 11 and 8. I work part time in a school which I enjoy however the dream is to become a full time blogger. My blog is focused on money saving tips, parenting, lifestyle and interiors all based around a tight budget.
How old is your daughter?
My daughter is eleven years old.
How would you describe your daughter’s hair?
My duaghter’s hair is very brown, thick with a slight wave to it. When she was younger it was quite curly but not so much as she has gotten older.  It is past her shoulders in length, and rests in the middle of her back when wet.
What products do you use, and find work on your daughter’s hair?
My daughter uses an off-the-shelf shampoo and conditioner, sometimes a detangling spray if she has really bad knots. She is now experimenting with different hairstyles so likes to use hairspray to hold the styles in place.
How often do you wash your daughter’s hair?
My daughter is now at the age where she can do hair washing independently.  She washes her hair twice a week.
How often do you cut your daughter’s hair?
I tend to take her to have her hair trimmed roughly every 8-10 weeks.  We find this gets rid of any split ends and keeps the hair looking healthy and strong.
What hairstyles do you find work best in your daughter’s hair?
The hairstyles that work well are plaits, high ponytails and buns. For special occasions she likes to have it straightened.
Any hints or tips for people with the same hair type?
 Make the most of being able to try out lots of different styles.
 Keep up with having your hair trimmed to keep it looking healthy.
Doesn’t this little girl have gorgeous thick hair?  You can find out more about Natasha and her money saving tips over @thefrugalhome over on Instagram, or @frugalhomelife on Twitter.
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