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Hair habits that make you want to pull your own hair out!

On our last trip to the hairdresser for Little Miss Hair Helper, my attention was drawn to some shorter hairs lying over Little Miss Hair Helpers face.  What I had presumed was baby hair still catching up with the rest of the length, turned out to be evidence of habit that needs to be stopped.


Little Miss Hair Helper enjoys a trip to the Hairdresser
Chewing Hair

This is a habit that Little Miss Hair Helper is guilty of.  Truth be told, since I’ve been a bit more vigilant, it does seem to be an unconscious habit that she has.  We’ve tried our best to overcome this by making sure all the shorter hairs are clipped back well away from her mouth and face.  We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of hair actually getting stuck in the gut, but this would be in very severe cases.  The real and immediate concern with hair chewing is for the health of the actual hairs, as the chewing breaks the hair and gives them dry and brittle ends.

Twirling Hair

Hair Twirling while on the surface can be an innocent and self soothing habit,  it can actually lead to or be an indication of more severe issues such as Trichotillomania.  Persistent hair twirling, can lead to breaking the hair but if not monitored can lead to hair loss as the child can pull the hairs out completely – it can be indicative of stress and anxiety in children.  This can of course lead to patches of bald scalp, and become a source of embarrassment for the child.  It is worth monitoring and if it worsens, discouraging your child from twirling their hair and offering alternative self-soothing techniques.  If your child does have a more severe habit of hair twirling, please do seek medical advice from your GP.

Cutting Hair

It’s not uncommon to hear of little ones, both boys and girls, taking to “self-styling” their hair.  It’s certainly up there with a parent’s worst nightmare.  The best thing to do is HIDE THOSE SCISSORS as best you can, and any cutting activities need to be strictly supervised…that said we all know it takes seconds for disaster to strike.  Fortunately, with a visit to a hair dresser or barber, and some time the hair can recover.  Has your little one ever given themselves a little trim?

For an interesting article on Baby Hair Pulling and Eating – and how to stop it, check out this blog post from Mom Loves Best.

At the end of the day we want to encourage healthy hair habits to keep their hair looking good.  Take a read through some of our “Hair Raising” series to see how some other mums keep their daughters hair looking good.



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    • He’s obviously using the twirling to self soothe, I imagine as with everything in parenting, you know your child best. I’ve seen many little ones twirling their hair as they fall asleep – it is cute!

  1. Thankfully I never had any bad hair habits and my son doesn’t either. But I think my niece is developing one so will point my sister to this post. Very interesting read.

  2. I’ve never done anything like this with my hair but my younger brother was obsessed with twirling my mums hair around everything she picked him up when he was little. It was very cute and sweet but not sure how good it was for mums hair!xx

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  4. I used to chew my hair. Yuck. And I still twiddle it. It just feels nice sometimes! Oh dear….
    But I never cut my own hair, only the dollies’. Yep all those barbies that ended up with a crop. Lol!

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