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EYFS and Hair Accessory Organisation

Before starting The Hair Helper business, I was a teacher.  Although it’s been said that  you can take the teacher out of the classroom, you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher.  At present I work as a learning support worker part time.   Of course, this got me to thinking that our product could well be meeting the EYFS curriculum and teaching more than just hair accessory organisation skills.  The Hair Helper is educational!

There are three main areas of learning and development within the curriculum.  I will be taking a closer look into each prime area to see how we meet the grade.

Communication and Language

This is further broken down into three areas: Listening and attention, Understanding and Speaking.

With the Hair Helper your child can listen attentively and then respond to what they hear with
relevant comments, questions or actions.  By the end of the EYFS, your child will be expected to remember and follow up to three instructions at a time.  Needing to remember clips, bobbles and a hairbrush can be a lot to remember for a smaller child.

Your child could also learn to express themselves effectively, communicating the hair style they are desiring for the day, or the accessories that they would prefer to use.

Physical development

Moving and handling as well as Health and Self-care are the two main areas of physical development.

Children with access to storing their own hair accessories in a clear and practical way, will practise and learn effective control and co-ordination particularly with small movements or fine motor skills.  These skills are crucial for later writing skills, as well as skills like tying their shoe laces.
By having a Hair Helper up in their room, or in an easy to access place, little girls should grow in their independence of their personal grooming and dressing.

Personal, social and emotional development

When I read the description for this prime area of learning, it made me smile.

“Making relationships: … form positive relationships with adults (and other children)”.

This is why we do what we do!  Instead of running around and stressing about where the accessories are or where the brush is, parents with little girls that own The Hair Helper, now have the time to spend doing hair as a bonding and connecting time.

At the end of the day we all want them to be happy and confident

You can read the current EYFS statutory framework here.

Why not help your little one develop these skills by purchasing theirs in our shop?

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  1. These are so so cute! I can’t wait for my little girl to wear hair bands and cute hair accessories – but she’s still too little and doesn’t like them. Just wait little girl… :))

  2. You’re so right about expressing themselves with hair styles each day…. I used to think my little girl was being a pain when she didn’t want a certain style, but it’s their freedom to do what they want too!

  3. This is so interesting, I never thought about how children feeling like they have control over even their hairstyle can help them so much. It makes complete sense though when you think about it as we as adults would feel the same!

  4. I love the idea of bonding with my girls instead of frantically looking for a hairband or a hair clips as I realise we’re about to be late for school… again! I’d love to take the time to give my girls cute hairstyles every morning, but they’re reluctant in the morning, and I’m not exactly patient before a couple of cups of coffee 🙂

  5. If our daughter got her way, she would never brush her hair. It is naturally wavy and does create some issues when it comes to brushing. Getting it cut, thats a whole different issue together.

    John M

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