Christmas Hairstyles for little girls

Christmas Wreaths and Candy Canes!

December is certainly the month for many things fun and festive, like school Christmas fairs, Christmas jumpers, tree shopping, decorating, Elves on shelves…the list goes on.

Of course, a lovely way to finish off any Christmas outfit is with a quick and easy, but festive and fun hairstyle.

We’ve come up with just a few Festively Fun Hair styles to try over the holiday period.

The Christmas Wreath

You will need:

bun doughnut ring

bobby pins

Jingly bobby pins (find out how to make these in our previous post)

Large Christmas hair bow

Simply create a bun using your doughnut.  Wrap the ends of the hair around the base, and pin into place.  Slide your Jingly Bell bobby pins in at the top of the head, aim off centre.   You could always, add as many of your pins around the base of the bun to create your desired effect.  To finish, slide your Christmas hair-bow into place at the bottom base of the bun.

 Small loose bits will add to your Wreath effect

Candy Canes

You will need:

 8 – 10 hair bands/bobbles

We think that this would look most effective if you alternated with red and white hair bobbles to give a true effect of candy canes.  Much like you would prepare for french or dutch braiding you are going to partition the hair bit by bit.  If your braiding skills are not as good as some, or you’re not confident with hair braiding then this is much easier with a similar effect.   Visualise the shape of the candy cane on the side of your little one’s head, so you’ll want to make your first tie near the temple.  Section off another piece of hair and take your tied piece of hair, and tie these together.  Continue along the head, keeping your candy cane shape in mind.   Little Miss Hair Helper wouldn’t let me take them out once they were done!

We had multi-coloured Candy Canes

Have you tried any Christmassy or festive hair styles?  Why not share them with us over on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!

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