Review – Daddy Do My Hair

There’s more to a Girl’s Hair We came across these beautiful books and their author Tola Okogwu over on Instagram.  Of course the books appealed straight away as they’re all about little girls hair. The second, and probably most important reason to have bought these books, is that personally we want both Little Miss Hair […]

Best Brushes

Tackle Tangles with our Top 3 Brush recommendations A good hairbrush is important when looking after your child’s hair.  When you’re a parent doing your child’s hair, the biggest aim, other than achieving a well turned out hairstyle, is to avoid snagging those tangles.  The screams of pure anguish and pain, as the brush snags […]

Clips, Bands and Bobbles

Review – Apryl & Rose We were approached by Allison, of Apryl & Rose, to review a few of her products.  Being big fans of Hair Accessories, because we have somewhere lovely to display them all, we jumped at the opportunity.  We are also big fans of other Mums in business. Allison is a Mum […]

Say Vamousse to Nits and Lice

We got the dreaded letter home (again!) Within a few days of starting school, the dreaded letter came home to all the children in class asking parents to check their children’s hair for lice and nits, as a case had been spotted.  Fair enough. Except that Little Miss Hair Helper had been deemed the potential […]

Empowering our children

We had a wake up call for our parenting A short while ago, we were faced with Little Miss Hair Helper sharing some…well, somewhat disturbing, information with us.  If anything, it made Mr Hair Helper and me realise that there was still some work to do on equipping and empowering our children in keeping themselves […]

Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Tackling the Tangles

I purchased myself a Denman brush a few years back now, and it is still going strong!  By now you know that Little Miss Hair Helper was born with a mop of hair herself.  Of course as a newborn, we used one of those lovely soft bristled brushes that come in the baby grooming sets […]

No more nasties! Why chemical free shampoo is the way to go.

We didn’t realise that what we were putting on our kid’s skin went into their bodies In 2015, and probably a little before that, Mr Hair Helper and I were looking at our eating habits, and what we were putting into our mouths (which in turn goes into our bodies).   We’ve made some considerable […]