Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Keeping Hair Accessories in girls hair

Little ones love to pull their clips and bobbles out If we could come up with a way to keep the clips, bands, bobbles IN the hair once you’ve placed them in your little girls hair, I’m pretty sure that we would be millionaires overnight.  While our Hair Helper is able to organise and store […]

School Hair Accessories

Time for School In chatting to friends, many have expressed and asked about where to source hair accessories for school.  One mum in particular expressed that her young daughter, simply defaulted to plain white hair accessories as she struggled to find anything suitable to go with the school uniform. Now, we are only at the […]

The Hair Helper Ribbons

Our first solution to Hair Accessory Storage

It all started with this… We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, and on our social media, that the concept for The Hair Helper, began with a hand made product. This month marks 2 years since I made the hand made version of a hair accessory organiser and posted it on social media.  It is somewhat […]

Treating lice and nits

The dreaded nits and lice We’ve managed almost an entire nursery year, with no incidents of nits or lice for Little Miss Hair Helper.  I was actually starting to feel pretty smug about it.  Of course, as a parent you should NEVER feel smug about anything!  I was practically asking for them wasn’t I? On […]

The white Hair Helper storing hairclips, grips, brush, bands and bobbles

Loved By Parents – Shorlisted

We’ve been Shortlisted! After months of waiting in anticipation, we finally heard on Friday that we did it.  We’ve made the shortlist category for “Best Time Saving Product” in the Loved By Parents 2016 awards.  This is such an exciting achievement as our business is not even a year old yet. We believe that our […]

Tangle Teezer Hack

“But it won’t hold the Tangle Teezer”…until now When chatting to Mums about The Hair Helper, they are often optimistic about it.  However, I very  quickly get the response that the hair brush hook on the frame doesn’t accommodate the Tangle Teezer hair brush. When we designed our product, this was something that we were […]

Surviving Summer

How will we do this? This is the first summer that I will be working with two children in tow.  It’s also the last summer before Little Miss Hair Helper starts school.  The Hair Helper Grandparents are also set to visit us from South Africa.   I’m freaking out as to how I’m going to […]

The Story of the Hair Helper

I had to apologise

She teaches me… I’ve deliberated on whether to share this or not…the internet can be cruel.  But I know that by sharing, this could help another Mum maybe not feel so guilty, or just have someone else say “yeah, me too”. On Monday, I got the balance wrong.  I mean really wrong. Little Miss Hair […]

Empowering our children

We had a wake up call for our parenting A short while ago, we were faced with Little Miss Hair Helper sharing some…well, somewhat disturbing, information with us.  If anything, it made Mr Hair Helper and me realise that there was still some work to do on equipping and empowering our children in keeping themselves […]

Little Girls Love Hair Accessoires and their special place to put them!

Top Tips for Tradeshows

The Hair Helper showcased at Pulse We’ve recently attended Pulse in London Olympia.  We had a great time, and learnt A LOT!  We’ve also had some good leads, which we hope to share with you in the near future.  For now, we thought we’d share some of the little lessons we learnt along the way. […]