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Tackle Tangles with our Top 3 Brush recommendations

A good hairbrush is important when looking after your child’s hair.  When you’re a parent doing your child’s hair, the biggest aim, other than achieving a well turned out hairstyle, is to avoid snagging those tangles.  The screams of pure anguish and pain, as the brush snags and tugs can be both heart wrenching and ear piercing.

Fortunately, a few people have taken this problem on board and designed brushes that are functional, and most of all glide through tangles.

We’ve tried out some different hairbrushes that claim to help with this problem.  We’re sharing our best brushes to tackle those tangles.  Notice how they all start with Tangle!

 Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer has challenged the traditional hair brush design, and they’ve come up with a design that fits ergonomically within the palm of your hand.  They’re available in various colours and designs to keep them fun.

If your child has thick hair, this is probably not the best brush, or you will need to brush the hair in sections.  We’ve found that this hairbrush is best used on wet hair, so this one goes in Little Miss Hair Helper’s swimming bag.

While the Tangle Teezer doesn’t fit into The Hair Helper, we have come up with a little hack that you can watch here.

Our Pink and Purple Tangle Teezer

Tangle Angel

We first read about the Tangle Angel over on Laura’s blog Five Little Doves .  I was immediately attracted to the pretty pearlised pink, and Angel wing design.  These are available in a variety of colours to suit you or the little girl in your life.

One of our first check points with any hairbrush these days is – Will it fit in The Hair Helper?  It does!

The Tangle Angel hair brush glides through the hair as promised, with minimal tugging when it catches on tangles. Only a muted “ouch” when we caught a particularly bad tangle, which is still much better than ear piercing screams.   One draw back we found, and this could be down to the fact that Little Miss Hair Helper has fine hair, was that we struggled to use it to evenly brush the hair into basic pony tail.

If your child has thin hair this may be a suitable solution for hair brushing, much like the Tangle Teezer.

Beautiful pearlised pink and Angel wing design

Tangle Tamer

This is our “old faithful”.  It is the brush that we always go back to, after trying out other brushes.  The Denman Tangle Tamer, for us solves all the “problems”.  It goes through Little Miss Hair Helper’s thick, but fine hair.  We can brush out any major tangles with a few relatively painless strokes.  We don’t have to section her hair to get it thoroughly brushed through which again is a time saver.  And we can use it whether her hair is wet or dry.

The Tangle Tamer fits into The Hair Helper, like they were simply destined to be together.

The pink Tangle Tamer


Each of these Hair Brushes are great within their own right, and will be enjoyed by any little girl.  They’re all attractive in appearance, and each has bristles that are easy to clean of hair post brushing.  Each brush upholds it’s aim to detangle the tangles.



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  1. I really should focus on getting a brush that doesn’t rip my hair out but I’ve just never bothered to care. Lol. Maybe this will motivate me to look into these options!

    xo, Kimberly

  2. This is really useful. B hates having his hair brushed, but it’s become easier since he had it cut shorter. I miss all his long curls, so I think I’ll try out the tangle teezer and see how we get on. Thanks!

    Kat x

  3. This is a great post for me as I really struggle to comb my toddlers hair and it’s so curly! Will try these hopefully one will work! X

  4. I don’t use ANYTHING bar my tangle teaser.
    After losing lots of hair a few years back it was all that kept me sane!
    I knew it wasn’t pulling my hair too much & was the kindest thing to my hair

  5. We have a tangle teaser for my girls thick curly hair but still my eldest cries out each time and I try to be gentle. maybe we should try the Denman one and leave the tangle teaser in the swimming bag!!

  6. I’ve got the tangel teaser angel for my daughters. One of my girls no matter how hard I try gets knots. Yet has the most beautiful hair. I think I need to try some new ones as although it does the job it still requires work x

  7. I’ve just bought my own tangle teaser after hearing such good reviews not just from yourself but everyone I speak to! It’s definitely worth it!

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