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Best Braids

Best Braids to do in little girls’ hair:

Basic braid

By splitting or dividing your little one’s hair into 3 strands at the nape of their neck, and then alternatively folding the outer strands into the middle strand, you can achieve a simple yet effective style for your little one.  It’s simple,but is great for keeping their hair tied up neatly and makes a nice change from the basic ponytail.

French braid

This is a slightly more complex than your basic braid, but the effect is beautiful.  Start with 3 thin strands of hair, around the crown of the hair.  These thin strands are then interwoven, gradually adding more hair to each strand in the plait from each side as you go down the length of the hair.  The strands are folded underneath the strand in the middle.


Dutch braid

The method to create a dutch braid is very similar to that of the french braid.  The main difference is that you will need to cross the outer strands of hair over the top of the middle strand.  This will create the effect of the braid lying on top of the hair.


Fish braid

This braid is likely the most complex, but it is definitely a very attractive style once it’s done.  The Fish braid uses 4 strands of hair, folding into the middle strand each time.


Once mastered, braiding or plaiting hair is a lovely way of styling little girls hair.  It can be both practical for school or for a special occasion.  Have you tried braiding your little girls’ hair?


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