How the Hair Helper works

The Hair Helper is a very simple design and easy to set up.

It consists of a frame to hang on a wall and a few hooks that fasten to it. These hooks hold your hair bits and bobs, and your hair brush. To help you mount the hair helper on the wall we have placed holes in the packaging that line up to the position of your chosen wall fixings.

The ribbons are very easy to fasten. They thread through specially designed holes and seal with velcro.

Tried and tested

We are proud to say that hours have gone into the design and it has been very well researched. For example, we have made sure that the vast majority of hair brush handles fit the holder. (Bless our designer who spent a long time in hair brush departments measuring their handles). There is also a neat and easy solution if you have a Tangle Teezer brush with no handle, which won't fit our hook.

Lastly, we know that it is a very lucky girl who can fill up the ribbons with her hair clips. You would have to have more than 30 pairs of average size to run out of space.

Please see below our video on how to assemble your Hair Helper, which gives the best insight into how the system works.

You will need:

ribbon-tick a Philips screwdriver

ribbon-tick wall fixings to suit your wall type, e.g. pins or screws to hang the frame

ribbon-tick a pencil and a spirit level (or a phone app with one!)

Once you've assembled and hung your hair helper, it is then simple to clip on your hair clips and hang your bands, bobbles and brush!

Voila! Enjoy 🙂