About our hair accessories organiser

From a DIY idea to a customisable storage unit

Vanessa says...

Our baby girl was born with a head full of long, dark hair; even though you wouldn't say so now with her long blonde tresses. From a few weeks old, we were placing teeny tiny hair clips and bows in her hair to keep it out of her eyes. It's probably fair to say that she doesn't know life without some form of hair accessory. Needless to say, our search began for a place to store all these lovely accessories and her brush, which, even from a tiny baby, never seemed to be where we left it last.

So we started searching the Internet for hair accessory storage ideas

There are plenty of DIY ideas out there, from Etsy to Pinterest, so we made various things by hand in an attempt to find the perfect solution. We tried different containers of all shapes and sizes, but nothing quite held ALL of it. It was after these handmade attempts to make a hair clip holder, with lots of positive feedback from friends and family, that Mr Hair Helper decided that we look into the possibility of taking one of our handmade concepts and developing it further. We know that not everyone has the inclination or time to make storage themselves for every band and bow, and so from that day the The Hair Helper project began!

We made an attractive, hard-wearing and customisable product

The process of taking a craft item and turning it into a professional product involved detailed stages of design and manufacture. We were determined to produce a superior quality hair accessory storage solution that truly works and is the best around. I am so pleased with the result!

Our customer feedback is that The Hair Helper makes their lives easier. It is a product that we are using in our own home and will do for years to come. We have hung ours at our daughters' eye level in her bedroom, but you could easily put it in your bathroom or display on a shelf.  Because you can refresh the look with stickers, and ribbons combinations, no two are alike, which makes it a brilliant, original gift that girls and mums will love.

Using The Hair Helper means:

Less time spent looking for missing hair brushes, bobbles, headbands, hair bows, clips etc.

Easy access for your child to select their hair accessories for the day

Less clutter as everything is stored in one easy-to-use place

Creating a time for bonding between parent and little girls as you sort and organize their stuff (they won't be little forever)

Pink baby girl headband bow

So cute! Baby girl headband bow was the start of my "Mumpreneur" journey.

We are award winning!

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