A Year in

The Hair Helper is ONE!

A year ago today, I gave our web designer/developer the go-ahead to make our website LIVE!  That was one of the most nerve wracking and exciting days of my life.  All the blood, sweat, tears, lost sleep, hives (actually the hives took a couple of months to settle) all culminated into a click of a button!

And now, here we are, a year on.  And, wow, what a year it has been.  We’ve consistently sold The Hair Helper – which of course is hurdle number one…what happens if the world thinks your product is…rubbish?  Fortunately, many Mums and Aunties, and Grandma’s have seen the value in our product.  And from what we’ve heard, it has made the morning routine of doing hair that little bit easier, and has finally given all those accessories a place to live.

We’ve had a busy year, showcasing our product, networking as much as possible, planning, changing plans.  Probably our most exciting small steps have been into some small independent retailers – with the possibility of a few more in the New Year.  Never did I think that would be achievable in our first year.


Say whaaaat?!?!

To each and every one of our customers – THANK YOU!  Thank you for buying our product, sending us pictures, writing reviews and telling your friends.


To help us celebrate, we’ve got a few brands on board to help us put together this wonderful hamper of hair related prizes!  Thank you so much to Rosellie Bows and Ditsy Dot shop, for sponsoring your products.  Pop over to our Facebook page to enter – this could make a wonderful Christmas gift to a little girl in your life.



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