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Little Miss Hair Helper is four years old, and Frozen, like many of you know has been around a while.  It would be slightly understating to say that she’s a fan!   Her 3rd birthday party was a Frozen theme, for her 4th birthday she received an Anna dress, that has a musical brooch of course, she has the dolls big and small.



Little Miss Hair Helper on her 3rd birthday as Elsa

Not only has Frozen infiltrated our lives through the DVD, books, colouring books and toys, oh and clothes; we have hairstyles that we do on a regular basis for nursery.  Each morning she is asked how she would like to have her hair done.  99% of the time she will respond with either Elsa hair or Anna hair.   They aren’t necessarily text book hairstyles, but they are what we’ve made work for us.

Our version of Elsa hair, has tried to tackle those whispy bits.  When we first tried to achieve the “Elsa Hairstyle”, I found it tricky to get all her hair to stay in one plait.  We overcame this by first tying the top portion of her hair and then plaiting the rest.  This has made sure that, for the most part, her hair stays in place for the most part of the day.

photo (28)

“Elsa” hair for nursery

Anna hair is much easier and simply involves two plaits, tied low down close to the nape of the neck.  Again I first tied the hair into two bunches as I found that this held better for the duration of the day.

photo (26)

“Anna” hair all ready for nursery

If your little one hasn’t quite reached a stage of being able to do much of a hairstyle with, there are of course accessories a plenty to help satisfy any small Frozen fan.   These are some of the great ones that we have found:





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